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The Learning Center Promotes Inclusion

The Learning Center Promotes Inclusion

At The Learning Center (TLC), students and staff have worked hard all year to promote inclusion and understanding. “My main thing is they come together and accept each other – to unite in fun and education,” said Katie Eakins, a special education teacher.

The efforts culminated with a schoolwide “Spread the Word” event to celebrate the diversity at TLC. The nationwide campaign, led by Special Olympics and Best Buddies, encourages schools to help raise awareness and foster support for peers with special needs.

“We’re here to learn, grow, and build community,” said senior Tre Simpson. Sophomore Faith Graves agreed. “Sometimes people judge before getting to know somebody and who they are,” she said. “We should come together as a community and not judge based on disability.”

The March 6 highlights included games, activities, and dances designed to bring students together, along with laser-cutting and ceramics stations to showcase talents and abilities. In the cafeteria, community partners at resource tables informed students about postsecondary opportunities such as college, the military, and local jobs. There was also a food truck to spur social interaction, and a pledge banner about inclusion for students to sign.

a male in a U.S. Marine uniform talking with three students at a resource table
groups of students move past the resource tables in the cafeteria
a black girl and a white boy stand at a resource table talking with a white woman seated there
a white male teacher helps a white female student with the modeling clay
a male teacher with glasses and long hair helps a student in a black hoodie at the laser-cutting device
white banner on table with words %22We Pledge to Spread Inclusion%22 surrounded by colored markers and signatures