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FCPS Boasts Two GoTeachKY Ambassadors

FCPS Boasts Two GoTeachKY Ambassadors

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) recently announced its 2024 ambassadors for the GoTeachKY initiative, and the 21-member group includes Latanza Garvin, an English Learners teacher at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, and Bree Massie, who teaches English II, Film Studies, and a Professional Educator course in the Teaching & Learning pathway at Frederick Douglass High School.

Latanza Garvin, a teacher at Dunbar

Latanza Garvin

Bree Massie

GoTeachKY seeks to recruit the next generation of teachers in Kentucky, helping remedy the critical nationwide teacher shortage. Ambassadors have three main goals:

  • Communicate with and inspire students in high school and college to consider teaching as a career.
  • Communicate with potential and current teachers to promote the rewards and opportunities associated with a career in teaching.
  • Support and promote the central focus areas, programs, and organizations of GoTeachKY, such as Educators Rising Kentucky and the Teaching and Learning career pathway.

Ambassadors were selected from a pool of applicants from across the state. Their stories will be featured on social media as examples of the different pathways available to future educators. Ambassadors also will represent GoTeachKY at career fairs and other speaking engagements.

Contact: KDE program consultant Justin Edwards